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Your path back
from diabetes

Manage your sugar levels

Here’s how we help you take back control

Visualising Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to track causes of your blood sugar spikes in real time

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) to track causes of your blood sugar spikes in real time

Visualising No Fad dieting. Simple eating.

No Fad dieting. Simple eating.

Visualising Most Compassionate Diabetes Experts

Most Compassionate Diabetes Experts

Visualising Unmatched personalisation

Unmatched personalisation

Why our programme works


We address the root cause of Diabetes

The root cause of chronic high blood sugar is damaged metabolism leading to insulin resistance. Our science-backed cutting edge solution addresses insulin resistance to improve metabolic health and manage your sugar levels.


Our approach is designed for sustainability and long term organ healing

Our pioneering approach ensures long term 𝛃-cell function recovery, prevention of glucose accumulation through nutrient dense food swaps and active fitness components, prevention of excess fat generation in liver and improved gut nutrient sensing and microbiota community.


We individualize and design for flexibility

No two diabetes experiences are the same.’s evidence-based approach works because we account for personal tastes, lifestyle choices and metabolic condition, and meet each person where they are, through a combination of:

1. Precision Nutrition

Complex carb counted (what to eat), portion appropriated (how much) and balanced schedule (when to eat). Our unique nutritional guidelines will ensure lower blood sugar while allowing people to eat to satisfaction and avoiding fad diets.

2. Progressive fitness & behavioural health advice

Breaking the movement inertia through specific interventions ensuring gradual progression from inactive lifestyle to active lifestyle and eventually goal based fitness. Further, counselling through approved therapeutic techniques help alleviate stress, improve sleep and emotional well being.

3. Empathetic Coaching for sustained habits

Our expert led, personalised coaching will help users build healthy routines around what they love to do, and where they need the most support. Based on the latest evidence based practices, including complex carbs, gut microbiome, food pattern and palette analysis, our easy to achieve, intervention based approach solves for the root cause of cues and cravings.

Your data, your treatment, your journey
all in one place.

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Make this the year you normalise your sugar levels

Start with our 12-month programme

What's included

Icon for Continuous Glucose Monitor

Continuous Glucose Monitor

Icon for On-demand Doctor Consultations

On-demand Doctor Consultations

Icon for Dedicated Diabetes Expert

Dedicated Diabetes Expert

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Glucometer with Strips

Icon for Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

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Mobile App

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Personalised Plans

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Type-2 Diabetes
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Visualising Annual Pack

Annual Pack


Get our holistic 12-month programme.


billed annually at ₹29,990

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Consult with a doctor and Diabetes expert to assess your condition and find the best way to manage it.


Includes a 60 minute session.

Meet our world-class doctors

Who'll guide you on your path back from diabetes

Dr. S.R. Aravind's Photo
Dr. S.R. Aravind
30 years’ experience
Dr. Chhavi Mehra's Photo
Dr. Chhavi Mehra
25 years’ experience
Dr. Chandrika KM's Photo
Dr. Chandrika KM
23 years’ experience
Dr. Usha Hullahalli Vasudev Rao's Photo
Dr. Usha Hullahalli Vasudev Rao
19 years’ experience
Dr. Sandhya Seshadri's Photo
Dr. Sandhya Seshadri
14 years’ experience
Dr. Priyanka Lakhani's Photo
Dr. Priyanka Lakhani
10 years’ experience
And many more…

Meet our Diabetes Experts

Who’ll be your lighthouse throughout your journey

Rekha Prabhu's Photo
Rekha Prabhu
19 years’ experience
Annie Mattilda's Photo
Annie Mattilda
10 years’ experience
Dr. Chhavi Goel's Photo
Dr. Chhavi Goel
15 years’ experience
Tanya Khanna's Photo
Tanya Khanna
6 years’ experience
Diti Bakhtiani's Photo
Diti Bakhtiani
7 years’ experience
Priyanka Nahar's Photo
Priyanka Nahar
11 years’ experience
Vanitha D's Photo
Vanitha D
15 years’ experience
Dashmeet Kaur Sachdeva's Photo
Dashmeet Kaur Sachdeva
9 years’ experience
Uma Jayasimha's Photo
Uma Jayasimha
13 years’ experience
Karnika Chakraborty's Photo
Karnika Chakraborty
11 years’ experience
Chandra Mukherjee's Photo
Chandra Mukherjee
5 years’ experience
Harshitha B K's Photo
Harshitha B K
3 years’ experience
And many more…

Read how our users have regained control of their lives within 3 months

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32 years old

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5 Kgs
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I am feeling healthier, fitter and mentally stronger since I started the program. I was struggling to keep up with a diet and exercise plan. My coach, Rekha, helped me understand food better, what should be eaten and why it helps. She motivated me to stick to my exercise plan, taught me different yoga asanas which would help produce insulin naturally in our body. Overall, rather than focussing on a Diabetes diet, she helped me improve my lifestyle and taught me how to sustain it for longer period.

Dr. Swati Savla's Photo

Dr. Swati Savla

54 years old

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Sugar Level

250 mg/dL120 mg/dL
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3 Kgs
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Waist Size

4 cm
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I am feeling very nice and energetic. I have developed a lot of positivity and confidence after starting this program. I have had diabetes for almost 20 years now and was taking a lot of medications along with insulin injections as my FBS had reached 250. After joining, today my FBS <= 120! All this was possible because of Ms. Rekha and the doctors from the team. They kept my food habits in mind so it was much easier for me to follow the plan. All of this has helped me understand that living a correct lifestyle is the only way to keep diabetes under control. I am very grateful to in helping me change my lifestyle and achieve my target. In this bargain, I have lost 3 kgs also which makes me look younger!

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Your Path Back
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